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Anything it has been The T Shirt total nullification of the word bombshell really since when is presumption useable as evidence too. Bad you didnt watch all the way to the end of his testimony no quid pro no bribery told ukraine. Do what you ran on i have to say the individuals that some how believe trump and his republicans cohorts. Are innocent with respect to this should get their heads checked just my opinion based on facts tho and back. To your regularly scheduled programming everyone was in the loop this guy is presuming again hes done just think if. T Tank Top T Tank Top T Shirt, Hoodie, Tanktop and Sweater is designed by Youtube Shirt

All The T Shirt money wasted on this sort of crap world wide not just in us was spent on helping with. Health homeless veterans etc no matter which side youre on we must be disgusted by these ridiculous programmes a republican. Raised in seattle can never be all good i dont think i presumed is going to hold up in a. Trial um bbc did you not see him asked if noone had ever told him trump wanted quid pro quo. And he said yes and said he just presumed it and was never told that this headline doesnt match what. T Longsleeve T Longsleeve

The actual ambassador actually said yes it cleared up The T Shirt ridiculousness this whole thing is based on hearsay assumptions and. Presumptions and here all along i thought his testimony was shredded it is all a show of chaos for election. Purposes it wouldnt even matter if you had it all on tape was it they will use heresay as a. Defense nothing will happen nothing sad misused his power of the presidency by bribing a foreign country for personal gain. It reads like a tom clancey novel impeach the crime boss already trump claims he hardly knows sondland yet they. T Sweater T Sweater